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Win and Travel Off Road In Style


When it comes to off-roading, style is often overlooked. That’s fine for the mine sites and Murray River schemes, but sometimes you just want to look as good as you feel. Mater Cars for Cancer is giving you the chance to look that look and feel those feels with lottery 115. The $351,257 prize pool consists of a luxury Land Rover Defender 110, an Essential Caravans C-Class Semi Off Road F2 and a cool $100,000 in cashable gold bullion. All that’s needed is a $30 ticket and a bit of luck.

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Land Rover
The Land Rover Defender is all class, and while other revered names like LandCruiser and Patrol forever seek to usurp its right to rule, the Land Rover was the original off-road crawler, beloved in equal parts by royalty on remission, and adventurers on the ragged edge. 

Swashbucklers such as Alby Mangels, the Leyland Brothers and Les Hiddens all drove Landys at some point, as did beloved fictional characters such as James Bond, Lara Croft, and Ethan Hunt. If the 2006 film The Queen is anything to go by, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth drove the driveshafts off hers. It’s not hard to picture the late HRH, clad in enormous Wellingtons and bouncing over the Balmoral countryside in a Land Rover. It’s likely her unofficial endorsement during her reign that now sees the Land Rover appear just at home in Toorak as it does in Tom Price. The brand is now an icon, and no matter where the Land Rover is and what it is tasked with, you can be sure it’s doing it with style. 

Despite our country’s love of the great outdoors, there is a pressing human need for some indoors, especially if the weather turns. Camping and glamping is fun for a bit, but when the skies open up, four walls and a roof is preferred by all but the most ardent of adventurers. Fortunately, the prize pool in lottery No. 115 includes a stylish Essential Caravans C-Class, so grab a ticket. 

Essential Caravans

Essential Caravans was founded in country Victoria and is now based in Somerton north of Melbourne. From humble beginnings in 2015, Essential Caravans has expanded, moving premises four times and now employs over 200 people. In just a few short years, they have helped 5000 holiday makers seek their adventure by producing quality caravans that are Australian designed and built.

The 21-foot C-Class from Essential Caravans is a semi off road unit finished in Essential’s trademark muted grey tones with subtle graphics. All four sides are finished with protective black checquer plate up to waist height, ensuring this caravan remains stylish for many years to come. 

Inside is similarly chic, emitting a modern vibe reminiscent of contemporary luxury homes. The fittings are CNC-manufactured in solid ply and finished in a timeless white, contrasting with darker tones on the furnishings, benchtops and handles. 

With a full array of features and a bunch of options and modifications added, the Essential Caravans C-Class looks to be very liveable and has all you need when getting away. If you fancy such a van, as well as the Land Rover tow car, purchase a ticket today for as little as $30. There will be one lucky winner, but every entrant will have one thing in common; they bought a ticket. 

Defender and Caravan

There are plenty of reasons to get in on this draw from Mater Cars for Cancer, and the chance to win a package of unparalleled adventure wrapped in opulence is just one of them. Another reason is the $100,000 worth of cashable gold bullion that comes along with it; that stuff never goes out of fashion. The rest of the reasons are in the faces of the people all around you, because never know when you need Mater Foundation. Through you, they chip in with support for cancer sufferers and help fund the research needed to make cancer yesterday’s news. Tickets are selling like they’re going out of style, so get yours before you miss the trend. 

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