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Win Big, Adventure Bigger With a $330k ‘Cruiser and Caravan’ Prize Package

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Australia is a big place, and it takes a big set up to tour the joint properly. Explore without limitations with a 300-series Toyota LandCruiser and Zone RV Family Sojourn Pioneer caravan, the first prize combination on offer in Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 114.

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Watching the news, reading the papers, scouring the socials, it’s no secret that plenty of us are doing it tough today. Interest rates are up, living costs are up, and sometimes, it’d be good to just shut the gate and get away from it all. I’m keen, and if you’re reading this, you probably are too.


But Australia is big—really big—and it’s pretty rugged too. What suits the highways and byways won’t get you far off road, but anything that can climb Kosciuszko can be a bit touchy on the tarmac. Getting something that can handle both isn’t impossible; Toyota’s 300-series LandCruiser GR Sport is up to the task, and the Zone RV Family Sojourn Pioneer van will put you up in style, but this gear costs money that not all of us have. Thanks to Mater Cars for Cancer, it might only cost you the price of a ticket and although there’s luck involved, it won’t be a staggering amount because lottery No. 114 is capped at 55,000 tickets, available here:

Toyota LandCruiser 300 GR Sport

The winner of lottery No. 114 will receive a 300-series LandCruiser GR Sport, the latest and greatest tow-tug from Toyota, valued at $152,852 including mods. Powered by a 227kw, 700Nm twin-turbo diesel V6 backed by a 10-speed torque converter automatic, the GR Sport 300-series shares top-of-the-range status with the LandCruiser Sahara but sports a bunch of exclusive off-road goodies unavailable on any other Cruiser.

Zone RV

Front and rear locking differentials, E-KDSS sway bar disconnect system, and adaptive suspension all ensure the 300-series LandCruiser GR Sport tows like a dream, so Mater Cars for Cancer will include that dream, a Zone RV Family Sojourn Pioneer caravan worth $145,000. Australian made with Australian components, the Zone RV Pioneer features air-conditioning, full bathroom facilities, a dual induction cooktop, fusion sound system, 540w Redarc solar system, a 3000w inverter, a premium outdoor kitchen and sleeping quarters for five people, ensuring you can enjoy big comfort anywhere in our big country.

Your involvement in Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No.114 supports people fighting cancer, people living with cancer, and people conducting invaluable cancer research. Plus, you might even win the prize package which, in addition to the $297,852 adventure set up, includes $32,148 in cashable gold bullion. Lottery No. 113 sold out early, so get a wriggle on and get your ticket while you think of it; you don’t want to wonder what might have been, you want to wander without limits.

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