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Win BIG The Last of the V8 LandCruisers

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Stocks of the legendary 200-series LandCruiser are dwindling faster than toilet rolls during a pandemic. And like procuring the loo paper, getting one is more a matter of who you know. If you buy a ticket, Mater Cars for Cancer may be able to help you with the LandCruiser, but next time the toilet paper disappears, you’re on your own; there’s no lottery for that.

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The big 200-series Toyota LandCruiser has been ‘king off the road’ for 14 years now. Introduced in late 2007, the 200-series added a massive amount of safety, off-road and luxury features not seen on previous models. Since then, it has firmly ingrained itself in the Aussie motoring landscape as the fourby of choice for, well, just about anyone.

But it’s time for the mighty 200-series to bow out, taking with it the 4.5 litre twin-turbo diesel V8 that helped forge its legacy. The 2022 300-series is waiting in the wings with a twin-turbo six -cylinder and while Toyota quality is usually a given, you can’t create a legend straight away, merely provide the ingredients. Toyota can supply elements such as ruggedness and reliability, but one of those ingredients is time; time for the legend to build and Toyota can’t manufacture that.

Buyers know this and Aussies love a legend, so stocks of the outgoing 200-series are dwindling. Fuelled by a combination of the unknown and our newfound need to explore within our borders, it’s become almost impossible to source a new 200-series LandCruiser. Toyota themselves aren’t commenting, but industry rumours suggest that only the base-model GXL remains available, with stocks of the LandCruiser VX, Sahara and Horizon all sold out completely. You could grab one second-hand, or simply buy the winning ticket in the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery.

The 200-series is a known quantity and a safe bet; two things you really need if you’re trusting your life to your machine in remote Australia. From the rugged roads of the farthest outback mine sites to the billiard-smooth bitumen of the Broadbeach Bowls Club, the 200-series has conquered them all.

Safety is paramount in the LandCruiser, with 10 airbags, Downhill Assist Control, multi-terrain anti-lock brakes and Toyota’s Australian-developed Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, allowing for greater wheel articulation to keep all four paws on the ground and driving forward. The bespoke CRAWL system, introduced on the 200-series, means that scurrying down a deep embankment in Mount Isa or a particularly savage kerb in Mount Claremont is handled in a safe manner equally, with CRAWL taking over throttle and brake applications.

Inside the 200-series, comfort appointments such as smart remote entry and engine starting mean no more fumbling around with keys if your arms are full of blueprints, surveying equipment, fishing gear or grocery bags. The Mater Cars for Cancer LandCruiser VX adds four-zone climate control, 9” EMV touchscreen infotainment system with satellite navigation, nine-speaker sound, heated and ventilated seats, and a moonroof, taking the legend far from its agricultural roots and into high-riding luxury.

If you click the link above, buy a ticket and win the prize, you’ll also have the choice of opting for a combination of a Ford Mustang GT with a Harley Davidson Fatboy or a Zone RV Base dual axle off-road luxury caravan. If you choose the latter, your LandCruiser will tow it with aplomb, the revered 4.5 litre twin-turbo diesel V8 cranking out 200kw and 650Nm of torque to lug the 2665kg van like it’s not even there.

There’s something special about Toyota’s LandCruiser. Every model is regarded as a classic; rugged and unyielding, with options to suit every taste, budget and application. But legendary status is achieved, not bestowed and only time will tell if its replacement is as well regarded. Mater Cars for Cancer has secured an extremely late-build 200-series LandCruiser for you to win, but you’ve got to have a ticket to win it.

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