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Win BIG: V8 and V-Twin

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Go Wild on Four Wheels AND TWO!

The Mater Lotteries sure do know how to be inclusive. The latest Cars for Cancer prize pool includes a final-run 200-series Landcruiser, plus a pair wild road machines; a Mustang and a Harley. You could choose the Zone caravan instead, but if caravanning is not your cup of octane, read on.

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Ford’s Mustang needs no introduction; born in March 1964, it’s been consistently updated through six generations since, culminating in the 2021 Mustang GT that you could be putting in your driveway. It may retain the famous pony badge on the grille, but it’s no longer the ‘pony car’ it was originally bred to be – instead, it’s now the epitome of modern muscle and born to be wild.

It’s an understatement to say the Mustang has come a long way over the last 57 years. Back then, the toughest engine you could option was the 289ci Windsor V8; carburettor-fed and offering just 202kw via a 3-speed auto. Fast-forward to today and the range-topping 2021 Mustang GT smashes those numbers, generating a brutal 339kw from the direct injection 5.0 litre Coyote V8, passing power seamlessly through a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Until the current, sixth generation Mustang introduced in 2015, Ford had never built their flagship pony-cum-muscle car in right-hand-drive. Since then, Aussies have been rewarding Ford’s investment with sales so strong, it’s officially Australia’s favourite sports car. This makes sense; we’re a V8-loving nation and many of us get wild when we blip the throttle of a 5-point-0. Do you fall into that demographic? You may never know if you don’t buy a ticket.

Getting wild doesn’t mean you have to do it uncomfortably; gone are the days of sweltering cockpits, petrol fumes, impossible clutches and arm wrestling the steering wheel. In fact, the 2021 Mustang GT’s steering sensitivity is adjustable, as is the ESC, throttle inputs and even the exhaust note, all controllable with settings displayed via the 12in digital gauge cluster.

Yep, that said ‘exhaust note’, so your neighbours’ ears are safe no matter how wild you get. You can thank Ford’s Head of Engineering, Steve Von Foerster for that feature. Starting his racetrack-ready, 500-horsepower Shelby GT350R early one morning, his neighbours called the cops on him to deliver a message, “That car is just too darned loud.”

Their complaint got him thinking and the result is an active exhaust with Quiet, Normal, Sport and Track modes that, much to your neighbours’ collective relief, can even be programmed to default to Quiet at pre-set times of the day. Of course, to even begin jeopardising your relationship with your neighbours, you will require a ticket.

If you win the current Mater Cars for Cancer lottery and choose the Mustang, you’ll also receive a 2021 Harley Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle. Decibel-wise, you’re on your own with that one and not only will the neighbours hear you, they’ll certainly  see you as well. The Fat Boy has been comprehensively updated for 2021 with chrome engine covers, exhausts and front end, meaning that winning a free bike won’t cost you a million bucks in accessories.

Rolling down the highway on those big, machined, steamroller-stance 18in cast aluminium Lakester wheels, you’ll be impressed with the improvements Harley Davidson have built into their new Fat Boy. Featuring only the third all-new motor from Harley in the last 80 years, the Fat Boy’s Milwaukee-Eight V-twin retains the company’s trademark throb, while offering marked improvements in heat, power and vibration. With such characteristics having long been welcome  of Harley’s previous V-twin powerplants, those traits are still there, but better. Harley’s aim is to satisfy both the ardent Harley enthusiast and those new to the marque, so if either rider sounds like you, buy a ticket to be in the draw.

Becoming the lucky winner of Mater Cars for Cancer’s latest lottery means you’ll have the choice to go wild on two wheels or four, whatever takes your fancy at the time. And for those sensible school runs, there’s always the 200-series Landcruiser to fall back on, so grab a ticket today; the lottery will be drawn 21 July.

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