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Win Big with a Zone RV Family Sojourn Pioneer Caravan


If there’s one thing we know how to do in this country, it’s build a caravan. Well, we thought we did until Zone RV came along to shake up the industry, building premium off-road caravans to suit the Aussie trails since 2015. They’ve rapidly become one of the best in the business, and their $145,000 Family Sojourn Pioneer 21-footer could be yours for just $30.

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Zone RV

Zone RV founder Dave Biggars was surprised to learn that most caravan companies continue to use traditional, timber-based construction techniques. Many harbour 1950s technology under their contemporary cladding, and while timber has been the go-to for decades, by today’s standards it’s a compromise. 

Outdoor Kitchen

Timber gives some much-needed flex, but can have natural imperfections leading to weak spots, and once moisture gets in, rot is soon to follow. Plus, you know, trees. Fortunately, Dave has tonnes of experience building boats… which seems to make no sense, but think about it; many aspects align. You want a product that is strong but light, easy to manufacture yet superior to established techniques and above all else, you don’t want leaks.


Until founding Zone RV, Dave’s career revolved around building cutting-edge racing and high-end luxury watercraft, brimming with the latest tech across all areas, including structural composite panelling. He established CL Composites to diversify into that industry and now supplies bespoke sandwich panelling to the marine, aeronautical and transport industries. Caravans have large flat areas that need to be both light and strong, so it was a no-brainer to apply his composite products to the highly traditional, essentially cottage industry, and now CL Composites supplies not only Zone RV, but other caravan and camper companies Australia-wide.


The Family Sojourn Pioneer from Zone RV really is a long way from the timber frame and particle board caravans of yore, but what if that puts the pinnacle of caravanning technology above your reach? Spending $145,000 on a home away from home isn’t an option if you don’t have it. But if you have $30 and you buy a ticket in Lottery 114, you’re in with the chance to win. Mater Cars for Cancer will also throw in a 300-series LandCruiser GR Sport to tow it with.

Although Dave Biggar started Zone RV in 2015 with just CEO Aaron Tofts and two staff members, it now employs 250 people across multiple sites, and last year invested $17.5 million in a new, 5000-square metre factory on the Sunshine Coast. Additional to the 6000-square metre factory they already occupy, the new facility includes Dave’s new favourite toy; a 3D printer that is a full 22 metres wide by five metres long and believed to be the biggest in the southern hemisphere.


That’s Zone RV down to a tee; go big but do it smart. Despite the size, the 21-foot Family Sojourn Pioneer claims to be the lightest caravan in its category, without scrimping on the luxury loot. It’s able to sleep a family of four via bunk beds and a queen size that also lifts on gas struts to reveal a handy storage area. There’s the usual electronics expected in a 21st century caravan such as solar on the roof, a REDARC charging system and information screen, LED lighting, 24” television, Fusion sound system with Bluetooth and charge/power points in 240v, 12v and USB format.

The Family Sojourn Pioneer has two kitchens; one inside and one out, with all cabinetries constructed from composite panelling, saving weight yet increasing durability. There is also indoor and outdoor showers and a composting toilet in the ensuite. 

ATX Suspension

Built on a strong, hot-dipped galvanised steel chassis with Cruisemaster ATX suspension and brakes, it runs 17” alloy wheels with all-terrain 265/70 tyres, and with most of the weight down low, it will tow like a dream behind that 300-series LandCruiser GR Sport.

With interest rates creeping up and cost of living on the rise, a little luxury item like this cutting-edge caravan may have just slipped out of your price range, but it doesn’t mean you have to go without. The total prize pool of $330,000 includes the caravan, LandCruiser and $32,148 in cashable gold bullion, which could all end up yours if you’re in the draw.

GR Sport and Caravan

Get onto Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 114 and you’ll be helping those looking for a cure for cancer and supporting those suffering it along the way. Who knows? You might just win big, then adventure bigger.

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