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Over the last few lotteries from Mater Cars for Cancer, there’s been a staggered prize pool; three winners across three draws. That’s fine, but sometimes it’s cool to just win it all, in this case a pair of Yamaha jetskis, a brand-new Ford Ranger Wildtrak and a musclebound Mustang RTR Spec 3. That’s a whole lotta prize!

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Mater Cars for Cancer has been giving away beasts of land and sea for about 106 lotteries now. The gift count has been epic, ranging from unstoppable off-roaders to sensible family haulers, luxury caravans, sports cars, utes and even boats. But for lottery 106, they’re going back to where it all began. Muscle.


That’s right; the lucky prize winner of Mater Cars for Cancer’s latest lottery will drive away in a V8-powered Ford Mustang GT with an RTR Spec 3 upgrade kit. That means some sporty upgrades from RTR Vehicles in North Carolina, USA, including a Ford Performance Supercharger kit bolstering output to a considerable 750 horsepower. If that sounds like a bit of you, grab a ticket in the latest lottery today.

Unlike the last few lotteries from Mater Cars for Cancer, where there was multiple draws and multiple winners, the prizes don’t stop there for the lucky winner of the Mustang. This is a good thing, because as awesome as a 750hp Mustang is, it’s probably no good for heading up the river with a pair of jetskis.

For lottery 106, winner of first prize will also receive a pair of said 2022-model Yamaha VX Deluxe jetskis and a galvanised Superior Tandem trailer to plonk them on. And while heading to the river with 750hp of Mustang would be kinda fun, the RTR Mustang doesn’t have a towbar. Instead, the sole prize winner will have to fire up their next-gen 2022 Ford Ranger Wildtrak.


There is much excitement around the new P703-series Ranger. It’s been thoroughly redeveloped from the previous model, with new running gear, new tech, and all-new suspension, which affords a wider track and greater stability. Even the wheelbase is increased over the previous model, which is amazing as it’s technically a facelift rather than a completely new platform. About the only thing they didn’t change was the doors and windscreen. And it’s all for the better.

There’s even an Aussie connection here, because although it’s not built locally, the latest Ford Ranger was developed by Ford Australia. Ian Foston, Global Chief Program Engineer for the T6 Platform underpinning the Ranger is on record that the revisions are so widespread, nary a part is interchangeable with the old model.

Although the upgrades are mechanically and technologically comprehensive, I reckon ute-loving Aussies are most excited for the new styling which, quite frankly, is boss. No point having a big, tough 4×4 Ranger Wildtrak parked next to your RTR Mustang if it looks like a shrinking violet.

If your lucky ticket is drawn, this is the garage scene that will greet you as winner of the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 106, a pair of rugged and wild Blue Ovals in the garage. That’s not all—don’t forget the jetskis—but perhaps the most important thing is the contribution your ticket purchase makes to those living with cancer, as well as those vying for a cure. Winning ticket or not, it’s a win either way.

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