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Win it – Drive it – Live it!


The big 300-series Toyota LandCruiser Sahara ZX is designed for a big country; this one. It takes a machine with moxie to explore the length and breath of our continent, and a caravan with courage to follow behind it. Mater Cars for Cancer is giving you the chance to win it, drive it, live it with a Landcruiser Sarah ZX and Lotus Off Grid Caravan, plus $77.5k in cashable gold bullion.

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LandCruiser Sahara and Lotus Caravan
‘Win it – Drive it – Live it’ is the theme of Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery No. 116, and while you’d think ‘Win it’ would be the least achievable part, a one-in-55,000 chance isn’t all that bad. Nope, regardless of your odds, if you wanna get away and get away properly, you’re going to need to ‘Live it’. And while that sounds easy, it ain’t.

Bills. Mortgage. Rent. Fees. Levies. Life.

These are things we’re saddled with that don’t just go away the second we want to hit the road.   And when properly hitting the road, who wants to work in betweentimes when on holidays? Besides, I’m sure not everyone reading this has the ability to dial in remotely. And if you’re doing it right, you won’t have the time; you’ll be too busy handling ‘Drive it' and a localised (and lot more fun and rewarding) holiday version of ‘Live it’ to want to work. That’s where the third aspect of the prize comes in, because if you walk away with a LandCruiser and a Lotus caravan, you’ll also have $77,500 in cashable gold bullion at your disposal. Tickets available here:

Lotus Caravan and LandCruiser Sahara ZX

Being a motoring writer, I get super excited about the automotive side of the prize pool, and that’s never hard because Mater Cars for Cancer always tables up something either savage or swish. I’m told I’m also middle-aged now, so that would explain my relatively recent interest in caravans, their features, towability, construction methods and liveability.

Because of this, I tend to mention the cashable gold bullion as a bit of an afterthought, despite it being a consistent staple of the Mater Cars for Cancer prize draws. The cars vary, the caravans vary, and the gold varies in value from lottery to lottery, but it’s always there. And think of the possibilities.

Over the years, my travel style has been pretty tightly wound. If I’ve been travelling to a specific place, I’ve seldom stopped to smell the roses and see the sights. This is because I was invariably on annual leave, and driving three days each way for a two-day motoring event ate a decent chunk of my 20 days’ allocation. But if I’d been savvy enough to buy a ticket, and lucky enough to win it, I could have filled out the 12-month ‘career break’ paperwork and told The Man to stick it for a while.

The gold is cashable, so that’s what I’d have done; cashed it, or at least some of it, taken some time and actually checked out whatever towns and locations I normally have to barrel through like I’m on fire. If only previous me had seen this link:

Toyota LandCruiser Sahara ZX towing Lotus Caravan

Would I do a cross-country run to completely cover our nation from coast to coast? Yeah, I would, because I like a theme and I don’t like back tracking. I’d start with a look at Cape Byron, just east of groovy Byron Bay, and head due west until we – me and the LandCruiser Sahara ZX – conquered the four-wheel-drive wilds of Steep Point WA.

Thanks to the Lotus Off Grid Caravan, I’d have a place to stay wherever I stopped, but best of all, I’d have a bit of coin to support me in my adventures. Planning for this journey is a story for another day. In the meantime, remember that to Win it – Drive it – Live it, you’ve got to actually win it first, so click below for your chance to WIN.

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