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Win the Beauty and the Beast

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There’s something special about a RAM. It just seems to out-truck every other truck, and you have the chance to win one; win a modified RAM 1500 DT Laramie Crew Cab and a Lotus Trooper caravan thanks to Mater Cars for Cancer.

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Although I’ve not been closely briefed on which is which, I’m fairly certain Mater Cars for Cancer have branded the RAM with ‘the Beast’ moniker, and I’m fine with that. The RAM is just the truckiest of American trucks and has been so since they introduced that big, blunt nose; a feature of Ram styling since the second generation came out in 1994.

RAM 1500 Laramie Crew Cab

I’m an unabashed Chrysler-Dodge fan and the RAM remains a Chrysler product under the Stellantis umbrella, despite dropping Dodge branding in 2010, long before the truck arrived in Australia in any numbers. It’s a brave move to split a model name off as an entire brand-name, but RAM was robust enough to stand alone, allowing Dodge to concentrate on passenger cars.

RAM Mods

Speaking of robust, the prize-pool RAM isn’t your average plus-sized American monster pick-up; Mater Cars for Cancer has seen to that. One lucky winner will take home a RAM of unique specifications including a Tough Dog two-inch suspension lift, 18x9in Method Race alloy wheels, Outback cat-back exhaust system, and chrome appointments deleted in favour of satin black, all wrapped up in menacing matte black vinyl.

It looks and sounds like a beast, so for the chance to tap into that inner animal, grab a ticket today.

Lotus Trooper Caravan

Caravanners seldom concern themselves with their van’s outer beauty; it’s about practicality, features, reliability and towability. The fact that the Lotus Trooper isn’t a bad looker as far as caravans go is mere gravy because this thing has appointments inside that rival some dwellings, looking more like a modern apartment than a caravan. It’s packed with amenities, leaving you wanting for nothing when exploring the country.

Lotus Caravans have been proudly Australian made and owned since 2004, and in their own words, combine unique designs with top-quality materials. Add their exceptional workmanship, and you have a product that delivers you a caravanning lifestyle that’s second-to-none. 

Lotus Caravan

The Lotus Trooper is a full-sized van, covered in damage-resistant cladding, with a timber and aluminium frame that sits atop a galvanised G&S Chassis. With a kitted-out kitchen, premium entertainment system, fridge, washing machine, air conditioning and sleeping options for the whole family, it’s a home-away-from home and certainly a beauty.

We’ll get into some more detail about both this amazing prize later, but suffice to say, the RAM will take you further and get you deeper into the wilderness than anything of its size has a right to do, and in-kind the Lotus Trooper will follow it without complaint.

Valued at $320,300 including the RAM, the modifications, and the Lotus caravan, plus an extra $9,800 in cashable gold bullion to bring the total to an even $330,000, the only complaint I can foresee is forgetting to give yourself the chance to win it.

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