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Win the Off-Road Dream Team!

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When the road ends, the adventure begins; that’s how I see it. Mater Cars for Cancer is giving you the chance to win Toyota’s most capable off-road machine ever; a 300-series LandCruiser GR Sport with $20,000 worth of upgrades and modifications, coupled to a Patriot X3 camper and a pair of Moustache XRoad 3 e-bikes. Win and let the adventure begin.


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There’s no doubt Toyota’s new 300-series LandCruiser is an impressive piece of engineering; insanely adept off-road while simultaneously being the luxury-ladened limousine of choice throughout the nation. However, if you’re serious about your four-wheel-driving, there’s only one version to get: the LandCruiser GR Sport.

With a sticker price near $150k, the GR Sport rightfully sits towards the top of the LandCruiser range, with only the newly-released Sahara ZX placed above it. But the latter car’s focus on luxury means that the GR Sport gets plenty of gear that is absent from the rest of the LandCruiser range, including the Sahara ZX.

LandCruiser GR Sport

Many of the features unique to the 300-series GR Sport are suspension-related, with additional tricky bits to get you further yonder than you’ve ever been. Central, front and rear differential locks are standard only on the GR Sport, as is Toyota’s E-KDSS system, which increases axle articulation. Yet there’s always room for improvement, and Mater Cars for Cancer is doing exactly that, with aftermarket upgrades totalling around $20,000. So, for your chance to get behind the wheel of Toyota’s greatest off-roader, grab a ticket in Lottery 110.

I started this article with ‘when the road ends…’ and the LandCruiser is made exactly for that. But it’s big. And not all wilderness areas are OK with large SUVs crashing through them, regardless of how capable the car is. Sometimes we must tread a bit lighter, and that’s where the pair of Moustache Xroad 3 e-bikes come in.


The great thing about a rugged pushbike is that it can take you to places where four-wheel-drives can’t and motorbikes probably shouldn’t. But there’s a drawback; pedal power isn’t quite as effortless as the faithful internal combustion engine fitted to our motor vehicles, but plonking a smelly two-stroke on your Standish will ruin your ears and just about everyone else’s.

Thankfully, we’ve seen vast leaps in battery technology over the last few years which have totally changed the landscape when it comes to powering pushies. The Moustache Xroad 3 runs a Bosch Gen 3 Performance Lime motor, the benchmark in efficient and versatile motors, according to Chargeabout.com.au.

Energy is stored in a Bosch 625Wh PowerTube battery that is both removable, yet integrated into the bike’s unique, open frame. Long-travel suspension and suspended seat post means your posterior is well-looked after and you’ll be thankful given the bike’s approximately 130 kilometres range. Essentially, once the road ends and the LandCruiser is parked, you can adventure for another 75km before returning to base camp. To be in the draw to win these magnificent bikes worth $13,500, along with the LandCruiser, secure a ticket ASAP; lottery 109 sold out well before closing date! 

Parking the 300-series LandCruiser GR Sport and exploring the furthest reaches on a Moustache Xroad 3 e-bike sounds like a prime combination for adventure, but between the day trips, you’ll need somewhere to sleep. Mater Cars for Cancer is including a Patriot X3 camper trailer worth $97,351 for that very purpose. 

Patriot Camper

Able to swallow 3-4 sleeping bodies despite its compact size, the Patriot X3 includes inside dining facilities and a lounge, so there’s somewhere to eat and somewhere to relax once the day of riding is done. Getting there won’t be a problem either, because if the LandCruiser can tow it there, the Patriot will follow, with dual shock independent suspension to soak up the inevitable bumps as the road runs out.

The 300-series LandCruiser GR Sport, Moustache Xroad 3 e-bikes and Patriot X3 camper constitute a fine prize pool, especially when you add the $30,743 worth of cashable gold bullion bringing the total to $300,000. And your contribution will not only put you in the running to win but help people in the fight against cancer. Winning Lottery 110 will release you from the road and into adventure; you just need to give yourself the chance.

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