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Win the Passion!

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Choose either a Sea Ray SPX 190 Outboard or a Sojourn Zone Caravan!

Passion is a choice, and with Mater Cars for Cancer’s Lottery No. 107, the choice is yours; win and select either a Sea Ray 190 SPX Outboard or a Zone RV Sojourn Pioneer Caravan.

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Despite what I said above, I don’t believe in choosing your passion; passion, it seems, invariably chooses you. Love sneakers? Did you mean to love sneakers? No, you just do. Same goes for music, movies, cars, sports and almost any recreation or hobby you can think of.

For some—maybe you—the passion is out there on the water; boating, fishing, skiing or just floating around. If so, Mater Cars for Cancer has you covered, because a winning ticket in Lottery 107 allows you to choose a Sea Ray SPX 190 Outboard for endless fun on the water, and a beasty V8 Patrol to get it there.

Sea Ray

The Sea Ray SPX 190 Outboard is a paradigm of waterborne versatility. Powered by a 150hp Mercury 4-stroke, it’s got the grunt to get up and aquatically boogie and can fit up to 10 persons yet sports compact dimensions and sublime handling. Whether you’re blasting across the crystal blue with a bunch of kids behind you grasping an inflatable banana, or just whiling away the hours on your favourite body of water, it’s yours for the taking. To get in on the action, grab yourself a ticket in the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery.

Sojourn Pioneer Caravan

For other folk, getting away from it all is about finding serenity, and not disturbing it. If that’s you, then Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery 107 has you sorted too, because not choosing the boat gets you a Zone RV Sojourn Pioneer caravan. Zone RV have been leaders in caravan technology for some years, and the Pioneer is packed with premium accessories allowing you to explore the oldest country in the latest luxury.

Full kitchen facilities both inside and out will ensure the masses don’t go hungry, while thirst is handled by a combined 240 litre water capacity, assuming you’ve not stocked the efficient Thetford fridge. No need to worry about campsites, either, as you can free camp under the stars with the Sojourn’s REDARC Manager 30 solar/mains battery charger and 400Ah lithium battery bank.

The van includes a full-sized queen bed with a massive, strut-assisted storage area underneath, an optional Truma air conditioner, and a 24in smart TV, meaning you’re never very far from the luxuries of home, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere. For a chance to test it out yourself, ensure you’re in the draw.

It actually takes some effort to get to the middle of nowhere these days, such is the civilisation we live in. But the Sojourn Pioneer from Zone RV runs a full, hot-dipped galvanised chassis and Cruisemaster XT suspension system, giving the van the right chops off road. Best of all, winning the van means you’ll also win a V8 Patrol to ensure you can get there.

The Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 107 prize represents both the power, in the aforementioned Nissan Patrol Ti-L, and the passion. As to how you express that is your choice—win a Sea Ray 190SPX Outboard or win a Zone RV Sojourn Pioneer caravan; if you’re the winner of this lottery, you’re a winner either way.

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