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A Nissan Patrol Ti-L worth $100,400!

The 2022 Nissan Patrol Ti-L stands at the pinnacle of over 70 years of development, and it could be yours for the price of a lottery ticket.

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The Nissan Patrol needs no introduction, but I’ll give it one anyway. It’s been a mainstay of the off-road scene since 1951, coincidentally the same year Toyota’s LandCruiser was released, and the Patrol has left a similarly indelible mark on our collective consciousness.

Australia’s first experience with the Patrol came with the G60-model of the early 1960s, and its legend was forged almost immediately. It was a 1962 G60 Nissan Patrol that made the first motorising crossing of the Simpson Desert, first conquered just  two decades prior by Ted Colson and Peter Ains armed with a caravan of camels. Until the Patrol came along with Reg Sprigg at the wheel and his family by his side, nothing had been considered robust or reliable enough to make the journey. That history alone is enough to warrant buying a ticket; I mean, if the bare-bones Patrol G60 could do it, imagine what a current-model Y62 Patrol can do.

Nissan Patrol

It was the fourth generation Y60 of 1987, more commonly known as the GQ-series here in Australia, that really cemented the Patrol’s reputation as a go-anywhere device. Equally at home on the pavement as the Petermann Ranges, the GQ went through several updates and even saw double-duty as the popular Ford Maverick, thanks to the model-sharing ‘Button Plan’. The GQ yielded to the GU in 1997, which in turn had several updates which saw it remain on sale through to 2016.

It’s the current-shape Y62 that brought along deep-level tech updates that have been further modernised and improved for the 2022 facelift. The 2022 Nissan Patrol Ti-L includes features that old Reg couldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams. Grab a ticket in Lottery 107 for the chance to experience those firsthand for yourself.

Nissan Patrol

To say that current Patrol Ti-L is full of kit is an understatement. For starters, the seven-seater wagon surrounds the occupants with luxury, such as eight-way adjustable front pews and a centre console cool box. Entertainment screens for the second row are integrated with the 13-speaker premium Bose sound system, and pretty much everyone will keep their cool with tri-zone climate control air-conditioning.

Safety is paramount both on road and off, so the Nissan Patrol Ti-L includes vehicle dynamic control with traction control, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, along with the latest in intelligent lane departure and blind spot monitoring technology. Furthermore, the Patrol also intervenes when it detects a collision is near imminent, helping you steer yourself and your family out of harm’s way. And should the worst happen, there are front and side SRS airbags for the driver and passenger and curtain airbags in all three rows.

After a long cold winter, there are few things more satisfying than opening up the sunroof under a clear, blue sky, and if that sky happens to be on the gnarliest road in the gorge, all three rows have courtesy grab handles to ensure passengers don’t bonk heads. Admittedly, sometimes that clear, blue sky is actually en route to school, and when it is, the power operated tailgate makes the drop-off a cinch. You’ll never get lost on the way either, with Satellite Navigation mated to an 8in colour touch screen. To experience an off-and-on road machine like Reg never knew, put yourself into the draw to win the Nissan Patrol Ti-L by grabbing a ticket using the link below.

Boat or caravan

The prize pool in Mater Cars for Cancer Draw 107 includes more than just the Patrol, as you’ll also win the choice of a 2022 Sea Ray SPX 190 Outboard or a 2022 Zone RV Sojourn Pioneer Caravan. Either way, you’ll be indulging in your respective passion, and have all the power to tow it.

With the 2022 Nissan Patrol Ti-L, you can effortlessly tow a full 3.5 tonnes, thanks to the 5.6 litre VK56VD four-cam V8. The monster mill churns out 298kW of power and 560Nm of trailer-pulling torque, just the thing to move a boat or a caravan, funnily enough and over five times that of the original Nissan Patrol.

Lottery 107 offers a prize of grand proportions, with something for everyone; it’s got a legendary, V8-powered off-roader, a choice of a boat or van, plus the balance of the prize pool in cashable gold bullion to bring the total package to a cool $300,000 even. To get yourself in on the action, and indulge in the power and the passion, shout yourself a ticket in Lottery 107 today.

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