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Win BIG And Get in the Zone: A Zone RV ZB-20.6 Off Road Caravan

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Cars for Cancer are giving away a pile of cool kit with their latest prize pool. Those that want to go wild can choose a Mustang and a Harley. Those that want head to the wild, and be comfortable staying amongst it, can choose the luxury Zone ZB 20.6 Base Series caravan and one of the last 200-series Landcruisers to tow it with.

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Zone RV have been producing high-end caravans out of Queensland since 2014, with founders Matt Johns and David Biggar combining over 25 years’ experience into the relatively new company. Both heralding from a boat building background, they’ve not only applied their skills, but their business acumen into Zone RV; creating bespoke caravans tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Every Zone RV ZB-series caravan is fully off-road ready, built on a Raptor-coated chassis and sitting on 50mm risers to ensure you get over the rough stuff. The Cruisemaster XT-Coil suspension is state-of-the-art, while the Hitchmaster V3 gives unprecedented articulation when the road gets bumpy. Or disappears completely. Before we get into the fun stuff, make sure you’ve grabbed a ticket in this lottery!

Getting out in the middle of nowhere is fun but being comfortable while you’re there invariably makes the experience better. The Zone RV ZB 20.6 includes Truma Aventa reverse cycle air conditioning, cassette toilet system, a 208-litre compressor fridge/freezer and a full off-road kitchen with gas cooker, oven, grille and microwave.

If you get a bit grotty while you’re taking in all that’s wild and free, the Camec 2.5 kilogram washing machine will take care of your clothes, while the shower system will take care of you. Twin 90-litre food-grade water tanks and a 100-litre grey water tank will ensure you’ve got enough of nature’s fruit juice if you’re in an area where it’s scarce. And if the weather outside is just too much, at least you can watch TV, because the Zone RV ZB 20.6 has one of them too.

Rolling on 16in alloy wheels with all-terrain tyres, the Zone RV ZB 20.6 is built from composite body materials for extra strength, with fibreglass and aluminium fairings, and a protective Raptor coating. A stone guard is standard, as is a rear bar with integrated body lights, electric double steps for easy access and custom designed toolbox with dual slides, which you can fill with gear from BCF, because you’ll win a $5800 voucher as well.

Your adventure starts here by clicking the link above and buying a ticket. With it, you could find yourself free camping in the wild and thanks to the 600w solar panels, 200 amp-hour Enerdrive lithium batteries and digital switching system, you won’t need a powerpoint to plug into; you can be truly free.

For some, freedom is the open road on a Harley or in a Mustang, but if you’ve read this far, freedom might just be the choice to be able to get away from it all. Becoming the lucky winner of Mater Cars for Cancer’s latest lottery could open that door for you, and don’t forget, they’ll throw in a late-build example of the legendary Landcruiser 200-series so you’re not left with a van but nothing to tow it with. That’s a comprehensive and tailored prize pool if ever I’ve seen one. And you could see it too, just so long as you buy a ticket today. The lottery will be drawn 21 July and who knows? It could be your ticket to freedom.

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