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Your Last Chance to Win a $351K luxury off-road car and caravan package!


Looks, luxury and elegance. If that all sounds a bit Hollywood remember, the same can be applied to Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 115. A $30 ticket puts you in the draw to win all of the above embodied in a brand spanking new Land Rover Defender 110, an Essential Caravans C-Class Semi and $100k worth of cashable gold bullion. But guess what? Awards season is coming, and the winner will be picked soon.

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That’s right, this $351K prize package will be drawn on 20 March, but that’s only if the tickets hold out until then. Mater Cars for Cancer lotteries have been consistently selling out well before their draw date, and there’s no reason to think this will be any different.

Cars for Cancer Prize Package

Maybe it’s the prizes; this isn’t Mater Cars for Cancer’s first luxury prize rodeo, after all. They’ve been giving away brilliant prizes with a bent for luxury, sports, or all-terrain toughness for years now, and you know the old showbiz saying—‘you’ve got to give the people what they want’.

Or maybe it’s something more poignant, because each ticket purchased contributes to funding valuable cancer research, or directly helping those living with cancer. Personally, I love the feeling of being a benevolent contributor, and if Mater called me to say ‘Yo, you won’, that would be icing on the cake. This benevolence can be bought for just $30, although Mater Cars for Cancer’s most popular option is the 2x tickets for $60; double the chance and available right here:

Let me let you in on a little secret. I haven’t bought a ticket. I probably can’t, being that I’m involved with Mater Cars for Cancer and all that. But another good reason is that I’ve been in hospital. Actually, I’m in hospital right now, as I write this. Don’t stress, it’s nothing too serious. Wednesday morning; strange gut ache. Wednesday evening, official diagnosis; appendicitis. 

I’ve had friends, rellies, anonymous Instagram followers (@garage_of_awesome if you’re keen) all wish me well, and many have said, “Ohh bummer!” but do you know what? No. Not bummer. Inconvenient, yeah, but certainly no bummer, because this time, it’s textbook stuff. At 45 years old, I’ve already seen my then 37-year-old father (1983), then-60-year-old-mother (2009), and then 39-year-old-wife (2018) all succumb to various forms of cancer. Now with two young kids, all I needed was for them to say, “Yeah, nah, not appendicitis,” then start explaining all the various alternatives, most of which start with C and many of which end in me writing a bucket list. These are the thoughts that Mater Foundation, through Mater Cars for Cancer, and ultimately through you, hope to end. End with a cure.

Defender and Caravan

On a brighter note, I also fully understand if benevolence is not your key motivator. Remember the famous line from Jerry Maguire? If you’re more about “Show me the money!”, that’s totally fair! So, let’s talk turkey; the lucky winner of Mater Cars for Cancer Draw 115 will be red carpeting their way through the Red Centre behind the wheel of a luxury Land Rover Discovery 110. 

Behind that, the epitome of elegance as far as a large box on wheels goes; an Essential Caravans C-Class Semi, a stylish and robust caravan with enough room to sleep, house, feed and entertain the whole family. To that, Mater Cars for Cancer adds an even $100k of cold, hard cashable gold bullion. At just $30 a ticket and limited tickets, I’m not entirely sure why you’re still reading this and haven’t just gone ahead and clicked the link. 

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