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Your support brings hope and healing to Charlotte, Aria and Alyssa

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“It was very overwhelming,” said Evette when she discovered that she was expecting not one, but three babies. Having battled to conceive, Evette and partner Jesse were now facing a very high-risk multiple pregnancy.

“Our Neonatologist told us that with triplets, there’s a higher chance of Down Syndrome. There’s also a higher chance of Cerebral Palsy if the babies are born too early. There can also be issues with the development of their hearing, sight, breathing, in fact a whole range of medical issues.”

At only 31 weeks gestation, Evette delivered their triplets by caesarean section. “Due to my high-risk pregnancy, there were so many staff with us”, Evette recalls. “There were three paediatricians, scrub nurses, midwives, anaesthetic technicians, and nurses, and three resuscitation cots waiting for my baby girls.”


Thankfully, Evette’s girls did not need resuscitating, but they were immediately taken to the Neonatal Critical Care Unit for specialist care. “My heart, it hurt. I had not even held them.”

“What happened next was truly amazing. Following recovery from the anaesthetic, I was taken straight to the Neonatal Critical Care Unit to see my girls. My medical team really understood how important it was for me to see my girls; it was very special.”

The girls remained at the Mater for eight weeks; six days in the Neonatal Critical Care Unit and then they went to Special Care for the remainder of the time.

“We are so grateful to all the amazing staff at Mater, who walked this journey with us every step of the way. We’re also so grateful to the supporters of Mater Prize Home.”

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Funds raised through Mater Prize Home help to support vital medical research, equipment and training which leads to exceptional patient care for babies like Charlotte, Aria and Alyssa.

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