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Your support is fuelling cancer research

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With your support of Cars for Cancer, Mater researchers like Professor John Hooper can continue to work tirelessly to develop better treatment options, giving patients hope of a brighter future.

“Cars for Cancer is so important to what we do as cancer researchers. As just one example, over the last two years the funding from Cars for Cancer has allowed us to develop very exciting new technology to better understand complex cells that can cause cancer to become more aggressive,” said Professor Hooper.

John Hooper

“In particular, the funding gave us the time and resources to work closely with our research collaborators in Sydney, England, Finland and Germany and we’re now in a strong position to develop approaches to control cancerous cells in tumours and test if our techniques can generate new ways to diagnose and/or treat cancer.”

You are helping to change lives with every ticket that you buy, and it might just change your life too! Thank you for your support.

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